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Child Development

Did you know that by age 3, the child’s brain has achieved 80-85% of its wiring foundation?

Based on early brain development research, the brain of a 3-year-old child is 2 ½ times more active than an adult’s brain. And, healthy brain development is contingent upon a complex interplay between genes and the environment.  Thus, early relationships and experiences – both positive and negative—all affect the child’s brain wiring.

At KBB, our teachers are trained to follow a structured curriculum called Frogstreet™. This curriculum targets the child’s windows of learning opportunities for brain development.  They are categorized into five developmental learning domains, such as:  Emotional Intelligence, Social Development, Cognitive Development, Physical Development and Language Development.  

Our teachers design lessons to introduce one activity from each domain each day for each child. Thus, all approaches are intentional ‘learning through play’ experiences. 

Another methodology that focuses on the child’s ability to calm (or self-regulate) their emotions is called Conscious Discipline™ by Dr. Becky Bailey.  This program teaches young children ways to manage their feelings in a manner that is safe within their social relationships and environment. 

Together, these two programs provide a multi-faceted approach for building a solid foundation that will prepare your child for success in childcare, school and in life.

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